Advantages and disadvantages of fine laser freckle removal

Nowadays, under the fast-paced social background, men and women in modern cities have to bear great pressure. With the increasing pressure of work and life, the spots on the face seem to be a little disobedient and grow more and more on the face. What should we do? Laser freckle removal can effectively change this dilemma. Netizen question: is it good to do laser freckle removal? Does laser freckle really have no disadvantages? Next, let’s count the advantages and disadvantages of laser freckle removal.

Advantages of laser spot removal

Advantage 1: laser freckle removal is more accurate for the treatment site – for example, it has obvious effect on eyelids and pale yellow freckles.

Advantage 2: laser freckle removal is safe and traceless. The laser can selectively heat, rupture, solidify and wither the pigments and pigment cells in the spots, that is, destroy the spot tissue as much as possible without obvious damage to the normal skin around the spots, ensuring that the skin will not leave ugly scars after freckle removal. So as to achieve the ideal therapeutic effect without obvious side effects.

Advantage 3: after laser freckle removal, it can not only remove facial defects such as freckles, but also improve skin quality, whiten skin and eliminate small wrinkles by using the characteristics of photon rejuvenation.

Advantage 4: laser freckle removal does not require hospitalization, with small incision, no bleeding during operation, light trauma and no scar.

Advantage 5: it takes effect in a short time after laser freckle removal, can recover quickly, has less treatment courses, and does not delay learning and work.

Disadvantages of laser freckle removal

Although laser freckle removal has so many advantages, it also has some disadvantages.

Drawback 1: after the laser freckle removal treatment, local cold compress is required to relieve the pain after treatment. If there is any skin infatuation at the treatment site, it can fall off by itself within two weeks without pulling it off by hand. Otherwise, the pigmentation is serious and it is easy to leave scars.

Drawback 2: laser spot removal uses strong light, and the damage of these lights to the retina and cornea is considerable. However, if the operation is improper, the retina of the eyes may be damaged, and serious cases may lead to insomnia. Therefore, you must wear protective glasses or close your eyes in the process of laser freckle removal.

I believe we all know the advantages and disadvantages of laser freckle removal. I hope it can help you. Summer is coming. I hope that those seeking beauty must consult doctors in detail before surgery to avoid blind plastic surgery.