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Can ultrasonic knife thin face? How about thin face with ultrasonic knife?

Ultrasound knife can thin face. Ultrasound guided face reduction is a new way of face reduction.

Ultrasonic scalpel is a very safe cosmetic project. During the operation, it will not cause too much trauma to the local skin, and the amount of bleeding is very small. The principle of ultrasonic scalpel is to absorb the excess fat on the face through the ultrasonic wave sent by the instrument to achieve the effect of reducing face. After the ultrasonic scalpel is finished, the fat on the face can be quickly eliminated in a short time. The current medical and aesthetic technology is very mature. As long as you go to the regular third-class hospital and choose a doctor with exquisite technical experience to operate the operation, you can usually achieve the ideal effect of reducing face after operation. Do not go to a small private clinic without medical qualification for surgery, so as to avoid trauma to the skin and fail to achieve the ideal effect of surgery.

Skin sunscreen measures should be taken after ultrasonic scalpel surgery. Do not eat spicy and stimulating food, seafood or hair products. These foods are not conducive to the recovery of ultrasonic scalpel surgery.