How much is a beauty ultrasonic knife? Is beauty ultrasonic knife expensive

Beauty ultrasonic knife ranges from 10000 yuan to 30000 yuan at a time. The exact price depends on the regional hospital where beauty lovers are located. The consumption level is different in different regions, resulting in certain differences in the charging standards of hospitals in each region.

Beauty ultrasonic knife is a very popular medical and beauty project at present. Making beauty ultrasonic knife can effectively improve loose and sagging skin. The principle of beauty ultrasonic knife is operated by the principle of high-energy heat accumulation emitted by ultrasound. This high-energy heat can cross the epidermis and the skin to the deep bottom of the skin. The high-energy heat can directly act on the deep fascia layer, so that the cells in the deep layer of the skin can have the effect of reconstruction and repair, and finally achieve the beauty effect.

After cosmetic ultrasound knife surgery, we should strictly do a good job in local skin sunscreen. At this time, we can’t wear sunscreen, because sunscreen will cause irritation to the skin. When sunscreen, we should wear a sunshade hat and a sunshade umbrella. Don’t eat spicy and stimulating food in the diet. We should pay attention to a light diet, so that the operation can quickly return to normal.