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Nursing measures after laser eye bag removal

Playing with mobile phones is a big hobby for people nowadays. Not long ago, some people even lost their lives because of surgery. Although playing mobile phones in most cases will not lead to very big accidents, but light cases will also lead to eye bags. Laser eye bags can be eliminated. Attention should be paid to nursing after laser eye bag removal. Here are some nursing measures for laser eye bag removal.

Laser eye bag removal uses high-energy pulse wave to systematically analyze the light and heavy weight of eye bags and the causes of their formation, and then accurately locate and dissolve the fat, decompose and discharge it, so as to achieve the effect of clean, complete and easy removal of eye bags, effectively smooth the skin and improve dark circles. The process of laser eye bag removal is short, and there is no recovery period, which is convenient and fast.

As time goes on, the skin will still relax. Therefore, if you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the eye bags after the laser eye bags removal, it may reappear. Therefore, if you want to keep the effect of the laser eye bags removal permanently, you must do a good job in daily care.

  1. Before the suture is removed after operation, the wound shall not be wet when washing the face, and the wound shall be kept clean to prevent infection.
  2. Within 24 hours after operation, local cold compress with ice bag can be used to prevent secondary bleeding of the wound and reduce edema. In case of continuous bleeding, go to the hospital for further consultation in time.
  3. There should be a quiet and comfortable environment with fresh and circulating air to recuperate after the operation, so as to avoid aggravating the wound swelling due to the low position of the head. Increase the intake of protein in the diet, and eat more fruits and fresh vegetables to promote wound healing.
  4. On the day of pouch removal with excision method, the wound will be somewhat painful, but it will gradually reduce with the passage of time. Do not rush to take pain relieving tablets, because aspirin drugs will aggravate wound bleeding.
  5. The suture was removed 5 ~ 7 days after operation. Hot compress can be applied locally one day after suture removal to promote edema to subside as soon as possible.
  6. Diet should be careful not to eat spicy food.

Those seeking beauty must pay attention not to stay up late, not to face the computer for a long time, and do not drink water before going to bed, and develop the habit of wiping eye cream every day, so as to prevent the re formation of eye bags.