Precautions for wrinkle removal with ultrasonic knife.

Cosmetology uses focused ultrasound technology to non invasively treat the SMAS fascia layer that will be treated when the skin is pulled. Ultrasound can massage the cells, rearrange the subcutaneous cells through the changes of cell membrane, improve blood circulation, nourish the skin lacking nutrients and moisture, improve the problem of skin relaxation and sagging, and smooth the concave wrinkles of the face.

Precautions for wrinkle removal with ultrasonic knife

With the growth of age, collagen and hyaluronic acid in the body have decreased rapidly. If there is a serious lack of nutrition, there will be concave convex, uneven and sexual potholes in the skin, which is a big risk for ultrasonic scalpel. It is necessary to take a large amount of special repair collagen for ultrasonic knife before and after beauty, so as to avoid the above situation. Oral administration of repair collagen is required when making ultrasonic knife, which can awaken the repair function of human body, regenerate collagen, ensure sufficient nutrition in the body, provide the required nutrition for regenerated collagen fibers, combine inside and outside, interact, prolong the beauty effect of ultrasonic knife, and prevent the harm of ultrasonic knife at the same time.

The thermal energy of ultrasonic scalpel is transmitted through the cluster heat of countless dot arrays. The thermomage probe can send out matrix molecular energy waves that vibrate up to 6 million times per second and go deep into the skin for repair. At the depth of about 1.5.6-4.5mm under the skin, it forms a focusing surface through RF electric field, strongly impacts the tissue, and produces an electric field aggregation effect on the tissue, raising the subcutaneous temperature to about 60-75 ℃, Ensure the effective thermal damage effect of heat in the fibrous layer, and trigger the body to start the function of repairing regenerated cells.

matters needing attention:

  1. Before using the instrument, the skin of the physiotherapy part should be cleaned to prevent dirt from entering the skin with the ultrasonic wave or preventing the penetration of the ultrasonic wave.
  2. The medium used has a certain viscosity, which is conducive to the better integration of ultrasonic and skin, and prevent the reflection caused by the gap from being unfavorable to the absorption of sound energy.
  3. Each physiotherapy section is generally 15 ~ 20 minutes. Too long or improper use will cause skin overwork and malabsorption. The user can select the appropriate time according to the size of the physiotherapy site.
  4. The degree of probe heat does not represent the output of ultrasonic power; Low concentration of water or drugs should not be directly penetrated, otherwise it is easy to cause dry skin.
  5. When using the instrument, the probe shall not be close to the eye, cannot pass through the eye, and is prohibited for pregnant women and patients with serious heart disease.
  6. Water, oil and other media shall not penetrate into the inside of the instrument, and shall not be hit, knocked or dropped again to avoid damaging the instrument.
  7. After using the ultrasonic beauty instrument, please clean the probe in time and disconnect the power supply.

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