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The true evaluation of ultrasonic knife is the only magic weapon to deal with wrinkles

In the matter of wrinkle removal, fairies have always sent us for help and asked if we can remove wrinkles without surgery. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the medical beauty of ultrasonic knife.

(1) Principle: it uses high-energy ultrasound focused blasting to act on the deep skin and subcutaneous soft tissue, so that the tissue is impacted by ultrasonic air flow to form a crack. At the same time, high-energy ultrasound releases huge energy, which is quickly transformed into heat energy, so that the subcutaneous soft tissue of the skin shrinks, resulting in the effect of tightening and rising, which can improve the contour of the face.

(2) Legal: legal (there are many fake versions at present), and the equipment has been approved by the food and Drug Administration (SFDA).

(3) Operation difficulty: medium, with certain technical requirements, it is difficult for hot Maggie.

(4) Site environment requirements: not very high.

(5) Effect and duration of facial contour improvement: hotter Maggie lasts for a long time, usually half a year.

(6) . recovery period: no recovery period.

(7) . comfort index: there is a certain sense of pain. Apply topical anesthesia.

(8) Evaluation of postoperative appearance and appearance: the shape changes little after operation. You can feel the effect of tightening and improvement, and your appearance is not affected.

(9) Complications: mild pain during treatment, no postoperative discomfort, few scalds, and low risk.

(10) Whether it is a favorite project of visiting doctors: because there are many fake versions, the price is not high, and the operation is simple, it is the favorite project of visiting doctors and undocumented studios.

(11) Technical requirements of operators: the technical requirements are medium, and inexperienced people are easy to master after training.

(12) Whether the original shape can be restored after operation (i.e. inverse): the shape change is not great, and the recovery takes a certain time.

(13) Advantages and disadvantages: advantages: easy to operate and go as you go. Disadvantages: they are basically effective, and some people have short effect maintenance time.

(14) Postoperative facial contour improvement: the instrument is used to tighten and improve facial soft tissue. Can not change the size of the left and right face problems, high and low face, both sides of the back and forth rotation, left and right twist face shape; After the operation, the melon face, goose egg face and large face can not be changed to small face.

(15) Whether the facial contour can be controlled: as mentioned earlier, the facial contour has not improved much, nor can it be controlled.

(16) Suitable for people: young and middle-aged women for daily maintenance. The effect is not good in the elderly and poor elasticity of skin and soft tissue.

(17) Action part and effect: the part with thick soft tissue of facial skin (eyes are absolutely prohibited, and nose, ears, etc. cannot be operated). It mainly acts on the subcutaneous layer, fat and muscle directly to the periosteum.

Drilling deep holes into subcutaneous soft tissue in the form of focused blasting, generally speaking, is the process in which the deep subcutaneous soft tissue is punched into rows of holes by air blast shock wave. After the tissue is impacted, the tissue denaturation and edema occur after shock compression and heat energy. Immediately, the phenomenon of “tightening” of skin and enhancement of skin elasticity can be seen, and there is a slight phenomenon of “tightening and improvement” visually; After 1 to 3 months, the soft tissue edema disappears and the effect of facial firming is weakened. Therefore, it is necessary to operate again to maintain the effect of facial firming. Usually once every 6 months.

The effect is better for young and middle-aged people, but slightly worse for the elderly; Oily skin and dry skin are effective; The effect is better when the skin is thicker, there is more subcutaneous fat and the skin elasticity is good; The effect is not good for those with older age, thinner skin, less subcutaneous fat and poor skin elasticity.

(18) At this stage, doctors and beauty seekers recognize the project more, higher than gemage.

(19) . maturity of this technology:.

(20) The cost performance of beauty seekers: medium, better than the nursing and maintenance of beauty salons.

(21) whether there are misleading advertisements in current life: Yes. The common misleading is that it lasts for a long time (2-3 years) and actually lasts for up to half a year.

(22) satisfaction and regret degree: the satisfaction degree is about more than 80%, and individuals regret because of ineffectiveness.

(23). Safety (Full Score: 100): 95 points

(24). Comprehensive evaluation of facial contour improvement and rejuvenation (full score 100): 70 points.

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