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Ultrasonic knife is a sharp tool for women to defeat wrinkles (2)

“Wrinkles” may be the public enemy of all women. For this enemy, they all want to strangle it in the cradle as soon as possible. What medical beauty projects can be done? Today’s main topic is ultrasonic scalpel.

Follow up nursing of ultrasonic scalpel

matters needing attention

Here I would like to remind you that the ultrasonic knife is not all right after it is finished. There are still many precautions.

Some people think that the effect of ultrasonic scalpel can not be maintained for a long time or there is no improvement. It is likely that the effect is not ideal due to the lack of attention to maintenance after operation.

After all, the pain is over. You can’t waste all your previous efforts because you ignore the maintenance.

  1. Diet: within one week, avoid the pungent stimulation of tobacco and alcohol, and pay attention to the taboo in case of seafood allergy.
  2. Wash and make up normally after operation.
  3. Within one month, avoid sweating, sweat steaming room and sauna room.
  4. On the second and third day after operation, there will be some edema on the face, which may feel a little sore, which is normal. It can be relieved by ice compress. It takes a week or two to reduce the swelling.
  5. The effect will become more and more obvious in one to three months, and it takes time to wait.

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