Ultrasonic knife is a sharp tool for women to defeat wrinkles (I)

Wrinkles “, maybe this is the public enemy of all women. For this enemy, they all want to strangle it in the cradle as soon as possible. What medical beauty projects can be done? Today’s main topic is ultrasonic scalpel.

1、 What is an ultrasonic knife?

The ultrasonic scalpel is simply a focused ultrasound with high intensity. It can directly act on the fascia layer below the fat layer to stimulate the proliferation of collagen on the face. At the same time, it uses high temperature to tighten the skin to achieve the tightening effect.

It is now a typical facial rejuvenation management project in medical and aesthetic treatment, and the effect is also recognized.

2、 Where does the ultrasonic knife go?

There are many areas for the treatment of ultrasonic scalpel, such as China, Hongkong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and the United States.

Why not say the Chinese mainland? Because the approval of medical cosmetology in the mainland is very rigorous, ultrasonic scalpel can not be publicized as a medical device in the mainland at present.

Ultrasonic scalpels in different regions are first made in Korea (American version). The price is relatively reasonable, the technology is relatively mature, and the qualified rate of the machine is relatively high. As long as we find reliable hospitals and doctors, there should be no big problem. The price of ultrasonic knife in Hong Kong is relatively high.

I would like to remind you again that the mainland has not approved the introduction of ultrasonic scalpel, so there is no ultrasonic scalpel treatment in regular hospitals. There are also many fake machines where the mainland claims to be able to make ultrasonic knives.

3、 Price of ultrasonic knife

Generally speaking, the price of regular ultrasonic knife treatment ranges from 20000 to 50000, which depends on the price of the hospital, as well as the qualification of the person who makes ultrasonic knife, etc. 1.5-3w.

4、 Treatment process of ultrasonic scalpel

  1. Anesthetic application
  2. gel coating
  3. Two operations

The first time I played deep, the second time I played a little shallow. Generally, the deep layer is a 4.5mm probe, the shallow layer is a 3mm probe, and some mechanisms also use a 1.5mm lower layer probe (3mm and 4.5mm are at risk of nerve injury).

Pain actually varies from person to person, and everyone’s tolerance of pain is different.

5、 Effect

It is said that the immediate effect after the operation is only about 20 ~ 30%, and the better effect can only appear slowly in the next two or three months.

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