What are the precautions for laser skin rejuvenation

Laser skin rejuvenation can effectively improve skin texture, shrink pores and increase skin elasticity, so it is sought after by many beauty seekers. Laser skin rejuvenation is a new generation of non-invasive laser skin rejuvenation instrument, which has strong pertinence and will not burn the skin. It is the most ideal skin rejuvenation method in the world at present. So, what are the precautions for laser skin rejuvenation?

Precautions for laser skin rejuvenation

  1. Do not make up before laser rejuvenation, keep your face clean and prevent skin inflammation.
  2. During the laser skin rejuvenation treatment, there may be slight pain or burning sensation. The degree varies from person to person, which is a normal phenomenon. To reduce pain, local anesthesia can be selected, and the anesthesia method can be selected by yourself.
  3. Postoperative sun exposure should be prevented. Apply sunscreen outside. It is strictly prohibited to use aspirin and alcohol (including alcohol containing cosmetics). Do not squeeze, press, touch or rub the treated parts.
  4. After laser skin rejuvenation, because the absorption capacity of the skin is enhanced and the metabolism is accelerated, some patients may have dry skin and lack of water. Therefore, skin care must be carried out after operation to supplement sufficient moisture and nutrition.
  5. Some patients may have local redness and swelling after receiving laser skin rejuvenation, which is a normal phenomenon and will disappear without treatment. Very few patients may have scabs, which will fall off and disappear within 2 weeks. Please keep the wound dry and clean during this period.
  6. Please follow the post-treatment instructions and doctor’s advice after operation. If you find any uneasy situation, please contact the treating physician in time. The physician will guide you to carry out correct nursing and treatment.

Advantages of laser skin rejuvenation

  1. The probability of pigmentation after laser skin rejuvenation surgery is low, and the side effects are quite small.
  2. Laser skin rejuvenation not only overcomes the shortcomings of traditional methods such as easy bleeding and difficult to control the depth, but also stimulates the skin elastic fibers and makes them shrink.
  3. The recovery time of laser rejuvenation is short, because the wrinkle removal effect is also related to the size of the spot used. The treatment of 1.3mm spot is fast and the coverage is uniform. The penetration of 0.12mm light spot is deeper, so the recovery time is shorter.

Laser skin rejuvenation can solve various symptoms of facial aging. It is suitable for beauty seekers who want to remain young forever. To do laser skin rejuvenation, we should choose a regular plastic hospital to ensure the safety of the operation.