What should we know before laser freckle removal

What should be known before laser freckle removal? There are several aspects that need to be understood by patients before laser freckle removal. Laser freckle removal is suitable for people, psychological expectations, precautions, etc. if not understood clearly, there will be a psychological gap, preoperative and postoperative effects, etc.

Understand what is laser freckle removal

Laser treatment of freckles is not forced to remove the pigment, but through the skin. Therefore, after laser treatment of freckles, no scar will be left. Since it takes a certain time (usually 1-2 weeks) for the collapse of pigment particles to dissipate by themselves after treatment, patients should wait patiently for a few days, waiting for the pigment to dissipate.

Have a comprehensive understanding of your health

A judgment of one’s own health. Before treatment, you should have a general judgment on your health status and adjust your mentality and mental status. Pay attention to the cleanness of the face and scalp to prevent skin infections such as folliculitis and skin diseases.

Make good psychological expectation

Depending on the location, depth and size of the stain, the operation of laser freckle removal is also different. For example, how long each operation takes depends on the size of the treatment scope. It can be completed in ten minutes like removing the mole. The length of treatment course also depends on the scope of treatment and the depth of pigment. For example, freckles on the surface or removing wrinkles eyeliner can be completed at one time. For deep pigment, it will take about 3 to 5 operations. For severe tattoos, it may take more than 10 operations. Those seeking beauty need to understand the laser freckle removal surgery, have sufficient psychological expectations for the operation steps, treatment courses and effects, and do a good job in doctor-patient cooperation with a positive and optimistic attitude.

Strictly follow the doctor’s advice

Do not make up before operation and keep your face clean; Both doctors and patients need to wear special protective eye masks to avoid possible damage to the retina caused by high-energy laser; If necessary, apply 1-3mm cold gel to protect the skin; Three weeks before operation, try to avoid sun exposure, so as not to affect the effect of laser freckle removal; The treatment site should be cleaned with warm water and soapy water in the morning and evening, and then wiped dry with sterile cotton swab, and then the antibacterial ointment should be evenly applied to the affected part. Wash your hair once a day 3 days before the operation. Take sleeping pills properly the night before the operation. Take sedative drugs half an hour before the operation. You can decide whether to fast according to the anesthesia method.

Understand contraindications

The unsuitable groups for laser freckle removal are: pregnant women; People who are allergic to light or sensitive to light and have recently used light sensitive drugs such as retinoic acid and tetracycline; Patients with hypertension and diabetes; Long term use of certain psychotropic drugs; Taking anti-inflammatory drugs and antihypertensive drugs; Sun exposure within 2 weeks; Those with facial inflammation; Those who have unrealistic requirements for surgical results. The above groups are not suitable for laser freckle treatment.