Whether the laser freckle is removed at one time

Whether laser spot removal is a one-time removal? Using laser spot removal is a very popular method, which has the characteristics of non-invasive and simple. But whether laser spot removal is a one-time removal of color spots? In fact, this still needs to be further understood.

Laser freckle removal will not rebound

First, let’s talk about what is “rebound”. In the general sense, it refers to the phenomenon that the treatment effect is repeated, the effect is significantly reduced or the color spot reflux is deepened after treatment due to the uncertainty or stability of the treatment in a short time. Laser freckle removal is independent and will not, which does not mean that it is impossible to have color spots in the future. If the body is in an “unbalanced” state for a long time and does not pay attention to sunscreen and skin care, it may grow again.

Principle of laser freckle removal

Laser treatment solves various skin problems by restoring the “functional balance” of the skin. Therefore, there is no dependence on laser freckle removal. Just like good skin will become worse and appear color spots due to functional imbalance, the skin function after laser treatment of color spots will also lead to “body imbalance” under the action of its own internal and external factors, and various color spot problems will occur again.

What kind of spots can be removed by laser method

Freckles can be treated by laser; The treatment effect of coffee spot and senile spot varies from person to person, and some people have a good effect; Chloasma can be significantly improved through reasonable treatment, but “chloasma can be cured” is an irresponsible statement. At present, there is no good treatment for chloasma.

Coffee spots are also very common. They grow everywhere except on the face. In fact, senile plaques are not caused by the elderly. There is no such saying in textbooks, but they often appear on the elderly, so they are called senile plaques. There is no sunburn, but there are sunburn, solar dermatitis, etc. after sunburn, women are prone to chloasma. Sunburn is the first cause. Sunburn in most people is actually chloasma.

Common spots include freckles, chloasma, coffee spots, etc. Freckles can be light brown or dark brown. Children are easy to grow. They are hereditary and will not disappear after they appear. However, good results can be achieved through laser treatment.

Melasma varies in color, some are limited in distribution, and some are widely distributed. Its incidence is more related to human endocrine. It is generally believed that it is caused by high estrogen levels. It occurs frequently in young and middle-aged women during special pregnancy, so some people call it “pregnancy spot”, and its shape is a bit like a butterfly, so it is also called “butterfly spot”.