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Will HIFU face lift machine have side effects?

Side effect 1: dryness, redness and swelling.

The stratum corneum is damaged, or the skin barrier is damaged. The facial stratum corneum is located in the outermost layer of the skin. It has strong water absorption and prevents the infiltration of foreign irritants. It is a natural barrier for the human body and plays an extremely important role in the human body. HIFU ultrasound knife beauty can last for several years

The thickness of human skin is generally 0.5-4 mm, which is not thick in itself. The outer sebum membrane and cuticle are skin protective layers, which have the functions of water locking and protection.

The stratum corneum is composed of dead cells that constantly fall off from basal cells. This process of division and fall off takes 28 days to complete a cycle. The older the age, the slower the metabolism. The metabolic growth of skin keratin takes four months, and the older the age, the slower the metabolic growth!

Therefore, the skin dryness after ultrasonic knife does not repair the stratum corneum is not a problem for 28 days and 4 months, but a problem that the skin is short of water and nutrition for a long time and accelerates aging faster.

How should the skin barrier be repaired or solved when it is damaged——

When the skin cells after HIFU ultra round machine cannot metabolize normally, the cuticle cannot recover itself. So how to replenish water is not good, that’s why.

In fact, the damaged stratum corneum does not pass through all substances trying to pass through it. It has its own preferences. Eat more of what you like and don’t touch what you hate. At this time, the damaged stratum corneum needs the intervention of internal and external two-way bimolecular structure acmetea. After the intervention, the difference in permeability can reach 400 times, 400 times active VC enters the stratum corneum through the internal and external bimolecular phospholipid structure, which can help the skin establish its own barrier function more quickly and quickly recover the damaged stratum corneum! HIFU ultrasound knife beauty can last for several years

International CRE who clinical verification: after acmetea4 weeks, the adhesion of cuticle, hydrophilicity, skin hydration reaction and subcutaneous moisturizing factor are directly penetrated through the skin surface membrane, and the number of skin moisturizing factors in the repair cuticle from inside to outside is 60 times as much as before.

At the same time, the stratum corneum is an infiltration barrier and heat barrier, which can induce inflammatory reaction. After repair, the stratum corneum can play its bonding role to ensure its integrity, so as to solve the problem of redness and swelling. HIFU ultrasound knife beauty can last for several years

Side effects 2: blisters, edema, pigmentation, inelastic, etc

Ultrasound will pass through every layer of the skin and reach the fascia layer. The passage of blood vessels is also the only way. Blood vessels are the transmission channel of facial nutrition. All nutrients reach the designated position through facial blood vessels to provide proprietary nutrients.

High ultrasonic energy can cause blister formation, edema and pigmentation caused by epidermal injury, rupture of capillaries on the face, inelastic capillaries and water loss. Capillaries need to be built after ultrasonic thermal injury

Acmetea dyed blue by EVG accounts for 50% of blood vessels. Vascular injury requires a large amount of acmetea in the middle membrane to conduct two-way convection on the outer membrane and inner membrane of blood vessels, provide nutrition in a short time, restore the vascular autonomic nerve to normal, restore the patency of blood vessels, establish rich collateral circulation, restore the elasticity of the inner wall of blood vessels and promote tissue regeneration. HIFU ultrasound knife beauty can last for several years

Side effect 3: the ultrasonic knife has no effect and the effect is not good

The ultrasonic scalpel machine can stimulate collagen regeneration by itself, and the regenerated collagen survives on the extracellular membrane. However, when acmetea after EV staining is reduced, not started or not started, the collagen of the outer membrane is like a house without a frame, with less purple internal solute, larger mesomembrane gap, reduced elasticity and poor vascular permeability.

Then no matter how much collagen stimulated by ultrasonic knife will no longer exist and die out. After all, there will be the problems of no effect, poor effect and short-lived of ultrasonic knife. HIFU ultrasound knife beauty can last for several years

Side effects 4: facial disharmony, left-right asymmetry, collapse and depression

(1) Pain is touching the nerve, so strictly speaking, the ultrasonic knife touches the nerve, but this can be repaired by repairing the blood vessels, so that nutrition can be output to the nerve through the blood, and the nerve can be recovered.

(2) Another kind of nerve injury we talk about is not the nerve injury in the front dermal tissue, but the nerve injury near the fascia layer. At this time, we need to go to a large hospital for treatment, so it is so important to find a reliable doctor!

Whether the effect of all HIFU ultrasound machines is good or bad, whether there will be side effects of ultrasound knife, or even accelerate aging, we must first solve the path of ultrasound. How to repair the epidermis, dermis and fascia layer is the key. All do not want to be “roasted”. Pre-operative nursing and follow-up nursing of ultrasound knife will be the top priority.

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